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Enterprise IP Address Manager (IPAM)


IP-Admin Centralized IP Address Manager (IPAM) is a feature rich client/server web-based IPAM application that will provide an easy way to approach the time consuming spreadsheet method of keeping track of your IP enterprise. Below is a detailed description of some of the features available within IP-Admin centralized IP manager.


With the IP-Admin Centralized IP Address Manager, any one can organize the enterprise ip scheme into an easy to read and understand tree like structure.  Organize by geographical location or by any format that will suit your needs. IP-Admin IP Address Manager will easily adapt to any type of topological structure.


Simplifies the management of the enterprise network. You now have the ability to easily create and assign subnets to a department or perhaps an office in another location.  With its built-in Ip Subnet calculator, you can easily break down your subnets using CIDR(Classless Inter Domain Routing) blocks and determine network and broadcast addresses along with the total number of usable IP addresses.


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Product Spotlight

IP-Admin Centralized IP Address Manager (IPAM)

Version 5.0
  • IP/Subnet allocation
  • Hierarchical tree structure
  • AD Authentication
  • Full IP-Audit capability
  • Switch port mapping
  • Import/Export capability
  • Reporting options
  • User based access control
  • Group based access control
  • SQL Integration
  • etwork diagnostic tools
  • (ICMP, SNMP, DNS, NBTStat)