IP-Admin Version Summary

Version 5.0
  • IP/Subnet allocation
  • Hierarchical tree structure
  • AD Authentication
  • Full IP-Audit capability
  • Switch port mapping
  • Import/Export capability
  • Reporting options
  • User based access control
  • Group based access control
  • SQL Integration
  • etwork diagnostic tools
  • (ICMP, SNMP, DNS, NBTStat)

Consulting Services

Digital Netrix delivers end-to-end enterprise solutions that are strategically designed to meet the unique business requirements of each of our clients.

We offer comprehensive support options for fast, reliable solutions, increased productivity, and cost savings. Customer engineers are cross-trained on a wide variety of technologies and receive new and updated product training regularly. Digital Netrix draws expertise from our network of highly trained and experienced IT professionals and matches their skills to the varying needs of our clients’ technical environments.

We work with our clients to understand their current and future IT plans and delivers the most appropriate and effective recommendations. We assess and document the performance and features of network hardware, software, and topology, determine what products meet predefined requirements, cost impacts of various choices and advantages or disadvantages in choosing a particular product. Digital Netrix™ can provide a network survey and analysis of your current networked environment. The survey contains an in-depth documentary of performance characteristics, and a detailed recommendation of how to optimize your technology resources.

Key Benefits

  • Disaster Recovery design
  • Security Assessment
  • Risk Assessments for Disaster Recovery
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Business Continuation Plan
  • Application Development
  • Application Testing